Styled Startup is an Accountability Partner, Brand Consultant, Social Media Marketing, and Virtual Assistant that will help your  business bloom.


For years we have been holding our business and personal relationships accountable.  Let us help you style your startup and keep you moving in the right direction.

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Social Media

We have years of experience in social media development, management, and strategy.  Lets grab coffee and discuss how to get and keep your brand in front of the right audience.

Virtual Assistants

We have VAs with years of experience in Adobe Suite (including Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop), email marketing campaigns, Microsoft Office certified, typing, blogging and ghost writing, phone calls, automation and much more.


Styled Startup business coaches and accountability partners can help your business grow and keep you on track personally and professionally.  Let's meet for coffee to discuss your accountability wants and needs.

Social Media

Social media strategy and scheduling is one of our favorite pieces of the creative puzzle.  Reach out to Styled Startup for a complementary audit of one of your social media accounts.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Styled Startup VAs are cross trained in a variety of tasks.  VAs save your business time and money by taking pressure off your solo-entrepreneurship by implementing automation and performing everyday tasks.  VAs are available on retainer or an as needed basis.  This saves you the costs associated with full-time employees and you only pay for time worked.  

Styled Startup offers the following VA services:

  • Administrative Assistance 
  • Annual Report and Proxy Statement Design and Formatting
  • Brochure Design and Management
  • Business Planning and Support Services
  • Calendar Management
  • Data and Excel Spreadsheets
  • Email, Text and Mail Merge
  • Email Marketing
  • Minute Recording
  • Newsletters and Desktop Publishing
  • Online Meetings
  • Phone and Voicemail Services
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Research
  • SquareSpace Website Design and Maintenance Services
  • Trade Show Assistance
  • Travel and Event Planning
  • Word Processing